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武士は敬神と勇気を信条とし、死を覚悟して生きた。戦場で死と直面するのは当然だが、 平時においても常に死を覚悟するに「こころばえ」を大切にした。 戦場に赴くことは晴れの舞台への登壇であって、武具甲胃には防具としての機能だけでなく、 晴れの衣装、死に装東としての美が追求された。



Samurai were expected to be courageous, faithful, and prepared to die an honorable death even in times of peace. It was important for them to maintain a sense of composure when they faced death, both in the battlefield as well as in the home. Since going to battle was considered a glorious deed, their armors and weapons were to be not only functional, but also beautiful, for in the end they could serve as their burial garments. According to their code of honor, even in defeat, the warriors must die honorably and win the praise of enemies. Thus, ideally their conduct on the battlefield was supposed to be morally correct and fair. The Japanese armors and weapons we are presenting in this auction reflect the bushido spirit, from which the samurai aesthetics originated.

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