How to make a bid

Our auction system helps you to find and get easily the antiques you want.


We issue and distribute to all the participants a catalogue showing all the art objects submitted when we hold the auction every two months. Please apply for this catalogue (¥6,000) first. We provide it free of charge to the first 100 applicants, you if you are a new applicant. though it has a price tag of ¥6,000. From the next time on, please apply for it paying its yearly subscription, ¥30,000 (including consumption tax). The full-color pictures of all the art objects submitted to the next auction are released in it together with their minimum bidding prices and commentaries.

Beautiful and easy-to-use catalogues of Kogire-kai
“They are comparable to fine-art books” – This is the reputation our auction catalogues have gotten from antique lovers.

Only Kogire-kai, which has succeeded in developing the auction open to everyone first in the antique business world, can publish the “Auction Catalogue”, an easy-to-read and easy-to-use tool for the auction. The catalogue is published six times a year when Kogire-kai holds the auction. It covers the pictures of all the art objects submitted to the auction of the season, together with their minimum bidding prices, sizes, and commentaries, helping you a lot to check the objects beforehand.
It encompasses a wide range of categories from the Buddhist statues, Buddhist paintings, armory and swords to pottery and porcelain, calligraphic works and paintings, japan ware and dyed fabrics. So you can enjoy yourself the “true value of beauty” of each art object shown by beautiful full-color pictures. Just looking at it as a fine-art book will satisfy you.
Please pick it up, and check plenty of art objects submitted to the auction.

Start of the auction and preview

The auction period starts upon publication of the catalogue. You can bid for an article selected from the catalogue. We recommend you, though, that you make a bid after confirming the attractiveness of the actual article at a preview where all the articles are exhibited. The preview is held at our head office and Shokoku Gallery in Kyoto City every Saturday and Sunday. Please have enough of the beauty of antiques at the preview, which we can call a “museum without an exhibition case”. You can visit the preview free of charge, and get its schedule information at our website.

Application for bidding

Our auction comes in two types: the silent auction where you can make a bid by entering your bidding price in a sheet, and the live auction where bidders compete with each other at the auction site real-time. The former accounts for almost all of our auctions. Please fill in the bidding sheet enclosed in the catalogue and send it to us by postal mail or fax. We will send you a confirmation upon receiving the bidding sheet from you. If you participate in our auction from abroad, please register your fax or e-mail address with us.

Notice of the result of bidding

The deadline for accepting your bid comes several days after the preview. We will mail you all the bidders the results of bidding regardless of whether you win a bid or not. The results will be published also in our website.

Resale period

Two weeks of “resale period” will be given for the articles which were not bid for successfully to sell them at the minimum bidding price released on the catalogue on a first-come basis. So don’t fail to check the results of the auction for the articles you are concerned of.


A bidder who won a bid during the auction period or resale period will be required to make payment within a specified period in cash or bank transfer. Please note that the successful bidder is charged our commission of 10% of the successful tender price which is 1,000,000 yen  or more, or 15% of the price which is less than 1,000,000 yen   plus consumption tax on the commission.

delivary of article

The articles are delivered personally in principle. We will ship them to you overseas, however, if you want. No articles made of ivory or coral on the CITES list may be shipped overseas, though.

– Our art-object packer/transporter:
Tespac Co., Ltd.

If you want your article to be shipped overseas, tell us so before making payment. We will send you an estimate of the freight (within about ten days). Please pay the price of your article and the freight by wire transfer to our bank account shown below. The freight estimated includes packing fee, insurance premium, shipping cost, and export license application fee.

We will ship the article to you after confirming your payment; please wait for our notice of the shipping date and the package number. Sometimes it may take about one month before the shipment to get the export license.

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